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24h Flatbed Towing by Selected Towing

If your car is playing up or you need to move it from one place to another you can’t go wrong if you select Selected Towing, no matter what the job is we will get it done.  Selected Towing is a leading Oakville vehicle towing service provider who is willing to go above and beyond to help residents of Oakville with all their vehicle related problems.  As towing and emergency service providers we have teams on call around the clock, 365 days a year. We also understand that time is of the essence when you are stuck out there with your car, and that is why we guarantee an arrival time of 30 minutes to all calls in Oakville. Selected Towing offers a wide range of services from flat tire change to different vehicle towing options, including flatbed towing.

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Selected Towing in Oakville offers very honest and affordable prices – give us a call and we will give you an upfront price quote on the spot.

Our Expert Selected Towing Operators

It is important to know that all of Selected Towing’s operators have been professionally trained and are all certified as tow truck operators. But, their training did not end with their certification.  Our operators specialize in providing a wide range of different services and they constantly continue retraining so that they have the most up-to-date knowledge of the towing and vehicle assistance industry which enables them to provide service of the highest quality.

The team also makes sure that their trucks are always fully equipped with all the tools and equipment they need for all calls and that they are very well maintained, and there is always a truck ready for immediate dispatch.

Our dedicated, reliable and friendly team are exactly the kind of guys you want helping you out in an emergency or moving your precious car from one location to another.

Flatbed Towing

Selected Towing provides flatbed towing services in Oakville and the surrounding area. Our fleet of flatbed trucks is perfect for towing an assortment of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, 4 wheel drives, tractors, heavy equipment and more.

Selected Towing offers different types of towing, but we believe that flatbed towing has several advantages, especially for classic and exotic cars and cars that are very low. It is one of the safest towing options, both for the load and for the truck itself. It is easier to drive a flatbed tow truck when loaded than other kinds of tow trucks, and this enables the driver to reach the destination in a shorter time.

If you don’t want your vehicle to be damaged and you prefer to eliminate the wear and tear during transportation, flatbed towing is always the best option.  Towing with a regular tow truck can be rough on any car, so why not ask for flatbed towing services and save yourself the headache and worry.  Our operators are extremely experienced so there will be no problems getting your vehicle on and off the flatbed.

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